The most common and generic thing to write when you’ve just started a new blog would be, “Hi and welcome to my blog!” followed by the very so repetitive thing of “here I will blog about.. blah blah blah” followed by a string of what the blog is centering on.
Whether it’s life, family, kids, workout and so on. The usual first blog post will be the introduction of what your blog is about and who you are.

I guess that at a point I will have to fall into this category as well, make something generic and not so unique because its unavoidable, not because I want to. I want to do things differently, do something new but blogging has been a thing for so long that no matter what you do, there will always have been someone before you that have already done what you’ve done, written what you’ve already written, and said what you already plan to say.

So why do I do this?
Why do anyone do anything, really? I go on an impulse and a hope of possibly managing to do this better the second time around now.
I had a blog 10 years ago, which I started when I was pregnant and continued after I had given birth to my son and was setting out on a new life of exploring how it was to be a new time mom and blogging was my outlet to reach out and just type my thoughts and share them with others. But as I discovered that being a first time mom was more demanding than I thought, blogging didn’t really made top priority after some time and I ended up stop blogging to focus on what I had in front of me, my family.

So now, ten years later I am picking up, whatever this will be and try to make something out of this, whether it will be new friends, reaching out to people across the globe, or just inspire someone who’s just like me. As far as I can tell, I don’t know what will come out of this but I hope it will be something positive and something I will be very passionate about.
So with no further ado, lets give a brief summary of me.

Hi! I’m Cas.
I’m a mother of two wonderful children, Casper 10 years old (11 in October, he says this is very important to say), and Lily 9 years old.
Both my children have been diagnosed with autism and ADHD, which have taught me so much about appreciation of life and patience with everyone especially my kids.
Casper was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old but we knew from when he was just 9 months old that he was a bit different from other children. Lily got her diagnose when she was 4 after we realized that she was a bit special as well.
It would later on reveal that their neurological dysfunction is genetically inherited from their father side so by understanding this, I came to understand so much more about the diagnose in itself and how to approach it better, and understand how I as a mother can do the best for them.

This understanding and learning pushed me later into pursue a career where I can help others and learn from their perspective of life, and understand what people with disability faces and the help they need from their community to show the world that there is so much more to them than just a disability. There’s a person with a voice of their own and a will to say “hey, I am here.. see me and listen to me”
This work have brought me so much appreciation and understanding of people who comes from all walks of life.

So what is the point of this blog?
Well it’s about everything really. Life, work, food, kids, parenting, motivation, things that pushes me through every day. I’m not saying it will be a dumpster fire of trash piling on top of each other with no point.
It will be about what it is to be a parent who works, and tries to make the best out of a bad situation or find that inspiration and motivation to push through to the next day. Because honestly, we all need that little push from someone to say, “You can do this, you got this”
I might throw in a bad joke or two as well from time to time.

So before this becomes way too long and tedious, I say..

Welcome friend!

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