Summer in Gothenburg

Summer has officially come to Sweden.
The weather is somewhat stable most of the days but we do have an increase of warmer days and more sun.
These past days have been every other day warm and sunny, reaching temperatures as high as 29˚C (84˚F), and every other day thunderstorms with heavy rain falls. But that’s Sweden for you.

As much as I love this town, and this country for how beautiful it is during the changes of the seasons, my favorite season will still and always be summer. Because there’s something special about Sweden during the summer, something I can’t explain.
The warm days, the smell in the air, the feeling of everything around you comes to life from it’s deep winter slumber.

Thursday (6th of June) was one of the warmest days we’ve had so far, and it was the Swedish national holiday.
Me and my kids decided to go on an outing to the archipelagos that day just to enjoy the warm weather and the beauty of the islands around Gothenburg.

The ferry that took us out to the archipelagos

The day was perfect, and we had tons of fun. The kids loved going on the ferry and watch the sailboats being out as well when we cruised between the islands.

Another ferry boat passing us by
Casper is teaching Lily a song he heard on the radio

So all and all, we had ice cream, enjoyed the sun and did what we could to just celebrate our national holiday in our own little way.

We’re not big but we’re proud

Appreciating the beauty of this country.

Much love!

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