New dresses for the summer makes me happy

Yesterday my dresses that I had ordered online from SHEIN finally arrived and I have to say, they’re absolutely amazing.

They’re so pretty and they give that perfect summer vibe look.

Two of them was a little bit tight over the chest when I tried them on, (I’m big chested so I’m used to clothes being snug over the chest), but with the right bra it won’t be a problem.

After these, I am already excited to order more of the maxi dresses, (I prefer maxi over short dress). And the pricing on them are absolutely perfect. Beautiful clothes to affordable prices without going broke, fits my wallet perfectly.

I have already found two more dresses that I am absolutely in love with, and that I have to have.

These two dresses are absolutely perfect for summer and the patterns are just so lively and colorful, a completely different style than I usually wear. Sometimes one just gotta change up a bit.

Shipping took about 1 1/2 week, but that’s okay. I don’t mind waiting.

Anyway, SHEIN has so much more than just dresses, and it’s all very affordable. I’m definitely gonna shop some more there.

Much love y’all!

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